Available GUTS software implementations

This is the place for your questions about various GUTS softwares. This is not a formal help desk, but hopefully there will be sufficient experts popping in now and then to provide a hand.

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Available GUTS software implementations

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In this list, I will attempt to keep track of all available software implementations and how to obtain them. The openGUTS website will also contain this information at http://openguts.info/support.html. Feel free to inform me about errors, additional info that needs to be included, or new implementations. Inclusion in this list does not mean endorsement. I have serious problems with some of these implementations, and for others I simply don't have a good idea of their quality.
  • openGUTS: this standalone Windows executable has become availabel in December 2019. It is downloadable from http://openguts.info/download.html. The fully-functional Matlab version can also be downloaded from that page (including documentation). Developed by Roman Ashauer, Tjalling Jager and WSC Scientific GmbH. Frequentist inference and GUTS-RED-IT and GUTS-RED-SD only.
  • Mosaic/MORSE: the MORSE R-package is developed and maintained by the University of Lyon (https://cran.r-project.org/package=morse). This R-package applies Bayesian inference, and forms the basis for the web-based and user-friendly platform Mosaic (http://pbil.univ-lyon1.fr/software/mosaic/guts/). GUTS-RED-IT and GUTS-RED-SD only.
  • GUTS-R/EasyGUTS: the first R-package for GUTS was developed by Carlo Albert & Sören Vogel, is currently maintained by RIFCON, and can be found at https://cran.r-project.org/package=GUTS. EasyGUTS is a user-friendly shell (standalone executable) around this R-package, and is currently under development by RIFCON. More information https://rifcon.de/en/downloads (scroll down to EasyGUTS). The R-package does Bayesian inference and can do all GUTS-RED models (including 'proper', combining SD and IT).
  • GUTS-3S. Developed at the Fraunhofer Institute in VB.net as a standalone executable. More information from https://www.ime.fraunhofer.de/en/Resear ... TS-3S.html. Frequentist inference and GUTS-RED-IT and GUTS-RED-SD only.
  • EpyTox: a PYTHON toolbox for GUTS calculations was developed by Raymond Nepstad (SINTEF, Trondheim), and can be downloaded from GitHub: https://github.com/nepstad/epytox. Requires installation of Python (free). Uses Bayesian inference and includes GUTS-RED-IT and GUTS-RED-SD only.
  • BYOM-GUTS: apart from the Matlab prototype, there is also an extensive Matlab toolbox as part of the BYOM platform (developed and maintained by Tjalling Jager, DEBtox Research): http://www.debtox.info/byom.html. This toolbox includes all GUTS cases (also the full model), can do frequentist and Bayesian inference, but has limited user-friendliness. Requires a license for Matlab.
  • Mathematica-GUTS: a package for GUTS calculations in Mathemaitca, developed by Andreas Focks (WUR, Wageningen). This package is part of the huge file with supporting information of the EFSA opinion (if you are able to find it), but the Mahematica part can also be downloaded from http://openguts.info/support.html. Requires a license for Mathematica. Frequentist inference.
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