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This discussion board is used for various TK and TKTD purposes.
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Welcome on board

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Welcome to the DEBtox Discussion Board. This board has existed for a quite a while, but has been mainly used for the DynModTox Summer Courses (see http://www.debtox.info/dynmodtox.html). The course sections are visible for the course participants only.

As of 14 October 2021, I am opening this board again for TK and TKTD related discussions. This section will be visible for guests (and bots) as well, so don't share private/sensitive information. Posting is restricted to registered users.

Registration to this forum is not automatic: I have to personally, manually and officially activate your account. This is done to prevent spammers to use the forum. If I consider your e-mail address or user name to be suspect, I will not activate our account (and delete it). Therefore, user names that relate to your real name and official email addresses have a greater chance of getting rapid access. If you feel that I have wrongfully denied you a user account, feel free to send me a short e-mail (see link below) to convince me of your proper intentions. Sorry for this, but spammers love forums.

If you like to use this forum for a specific (public or limited-access) DEB- or GUTS-related activity, contact me: http://debtox.nl/contact.html.
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